A term you often hear in customer service training is “managing expectations” (of your clients). The recommended idea is to under-promise and over-deliver.  But, how does that apply to your own expectations of yourself?  Will 2015 be a year of great expectations for you, a year when your dreams come true? 

When it comes to managing your own expectations for 2015, here is a great tip.  Make your business plan; set your conservative goals and your optimistic goals.   Then, manage your OUTLOOK vs. your performance.

The value of “keeping things in perspective” rather than dwelling on an expectation that is not fully realized cannot be over-estimated.  The minute you allow things to get “out of perspective” and lose sight of all of things that are moving along swimmingly, you diminish your chances of success.  If you allow your diminished expectations to dominate your thinking you might as well throw your business plan out the window.

We are going to try an experiment this year and you are welcome to join us.  We are going to focus on a single theme for 2015 and that is VITALITY.  When you manage your feeling of vitality (with whatever method works best for you) you AUTOMATICALLY put yourself in the best position to maintain your perspective and a clear outlook. Solutions come to mind faster, an abundance of opportunities present themselves and your performance can far exceed even you own wildest expectations.  

Don't throw your business plan out the window. Manage your OUTLOOK versus your performance. Wishing you VITALITY in 2015!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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