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In Part 1, of this series we identified that the first course of action to be a standout as a luxury real estate marketing professional is to identify an under-served market niche.  The Lark Restaurant identified a huge underserved market of Santa Barbara Foodies.

The second course of action is to study and understand the mindset of your niche.  Understanding Foodies helped Lark create their brand strategy. It influenced the look and feel of the brand, the restaurant’s ambiance, as well as the appropriate location in the city of Santa Barbara.

The Foodies mindset (their psycho-graphics and lifestyle) has at least two subsets.  For instance, there are those who frequent Certified Organic Farmers markets when they cook at home. This subset may differ from those who simply enjoy fine dining and dine out frequently. Both, however, may promote “farm-to-table” dining at local restaurants.

Studying the psycho-graphics of your target market enables you to connect on a deep emotional level with your ideal customers. Another psycho-graphic subset of The Lark’s customers could be classified as innovators, open-minded, adventurers who enjoy the latest and great, the hip and modern.

For that reason, The Lark chose the Funk Zone, for their location.  The Funk Zone is an industrial area of Santa Barbara.  It has a sophisticated urban feel mixed with the slow lifestyle of a beach city resulting in an enticing experience that represents the new and innovative spirit of Santa Barbara.

The industrial building that they occupy is warm and inviting. Some of the outstanding features that we love are the exposed ceilings, the sandblasted brick walls, the oriental rugs on the concrete floor and the copper chandeliers that were specifically made for them.

 Are you studying the psycho-graphics of your ideal clients so you can make a strong emotional connection with them?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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