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In our first post, we identified that the first course of action was to find the under-served market niche.In our second post we emphasized studying the under served market niche.

The third course of action is to develop your primary strategic differentiator.You must differentiate oneself from the competitive landscape by being uniquely different, both in presentation and service.  Many of our restaurants here in Santa Barbara, are proponents of farm to table, great service, and good food. 

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Although, The Lark offers a distinctly different menu from any other restaurant in Santa Barbara, they have an extraordinary strategic differentiator.  Every appetizer, starter, and main course can be shared and is priced the same as one entrée in any restaurant of this caliber.  They encourage family style dining, and do not charge “extra” for share plates.   

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Pictured above is our 3 course meal: Our starter snack, Fried Castevetrano olives stuffed with goat cheese & rosemary chorizo aioli, (we had already eaten a few when I realized I had to take a picture). Next was a chicken confit stuffed in homemade phyllo dough on top of an arugula salad, again we , already eaten two of them.)

Our main course was whole grilled Branzino, Italian sea bass deboned, with a barley & caper risotto, kale & fennel slaw, grapefruit and salsa verde.  This was our first experience with barley risotto and it was great.   

Do you know your extraordinary strategic primary differentiator?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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