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As we mentioned in a previous post, original content marketing for your luxury real estate practice is key to increasing your visibility on Google. It also increases the number of your followers.

Writing localism posts are a great way to make friends in the community providing that you are not paid in any form for doing so.  It is a matter of honor, which translates into long-term success and peace of mind.

Ron and I often write about our Santa Barbara local scene including what we think are the best places to wine, dine, or visit.  We are always able to mine luxury marketing or branding principles from our experiences, because local is where we are, and where we learn.   The chocolate/espresso amazing cookies pictured above are from our superb and delectable lunch experience at Baker’s Table in Santa Ynez.  A visit to this bakery is highly recommended for bread, lunch and sweets.  It is definitely worth a detour.

Many companies are reaching out to bloggers with a sizable following to have greater visibility on Google and gain what appears to be an objective third party review. On several occasions, we have been asked to write advertorial articles in exchange for dollars or gifts, and have consistently declined.   

We learned some of the fine points of journalism by following two journalistic luminaries: Walt Mossberg, Technology reviewer, (previously from the Wall Street Journal, now with re/code) and Ruth Reichl (previously food critic for the Los Angeles Times, now a writer and speaker).  In our opinion, both exemplify honor.

Walt always returns any product that he is asked to review, and buys his own gadgets.  His reviews are clear, concise, and easy to understand.  He makes reading about technology a pleasure.

Early in the game, Ruth observed that when she was recognized at a restaurant, her food looked better than the neighboring tables’ identical item.  Her solution was dining in disguise.  Her reviews were always interesting as well as honest.  As a result the restaurant patrons benefited. 

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, beware of those who are bearing gifts for a favorable word.  It is a matter of honor!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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