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In one of our last posts on co-marketing we referred to Cost Plus’ campaign in promoting Downton Abbey, as an excellent co-marketing example.   They now are using the Downton Abbey brand to sell shortbread cookies and wine.  This, in our opinion, lessens the appeal of the Downton brand, and taints its luxury aspect.  

If you are a fan of the show, you know that the head butler, Mr. Carson and Robert, the Earl of Grantham, are wine connoisseurs.  They certainly would not drink either of these Cost Plus 2012 wines, bottled in Bordeaux, France.    Their chief cook, Mrs. Patmore makes shortbread.

The Cost Plus red wine is a Claret, which is a generic or semi-generic Bordeaux. The word Claret, used only for export, was used primarily for the British market and became the favorite of the less knowledgeable British upper classes.

The red grapes used in the soon to be released 2012 Bordeaux wines were battered by unusual weather patterns resulting in small yields, according to the Wine Cellar insider. 2012 has been referred to as a wine maker’s vintage, meaning that additional work and expense went into production to ensure a minimum yield.  Some of the white wines for 2012 fared better.

So how does this relate to luxury real estate marketing?  Be a student of every aspect of luxury. If you fake it, it will be obvious to your clients and prospects that are in the know. Eventually, you will be laughed out of a job. Check your facts, and then double-check them. Do not assert it, unless you can provide a reliable source (or online link) of where you found the fact.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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