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A recent inquiry by someone who wants to break into the luxury real estate market in 2015 spurred this question, “Is it time to update your existing website or create an additional website for the luxury market?” 

This morning, as we were reading our roundup of luxury news, this headline popped up. “Amazon Needs Image Overhaul to Attract Luxury Brands!”  This was a report generated by L2 Business Intelligence for Digital Marketing.  Although Amazon is a giant in the digital shopping arena, it is not perceived as a luxury brand, but rather as a discounter, which is a turn off to luxury brands.  Alibaba, the Chinese counterpart of Amazon has made promises to luxury brands that they would not allow competing sites that would undercut their prices.

Yesterday, we were going to refer someone to an agent who has a unique niche specialty.  When we reviewed that person’s website, not a word was written about their unique niche.  Instead, there is a generic website that looks good with search, etc.  In reading both profile and testimonials no mention was made of the niche the agent was known for.  We checked to see if there was an additional website for this person’s specialty, and there was not.  What a digital flub!

If your website lacks focus, or does not clearly articulate your brand position as a niche expert, or if you are a luxury agent and your site does not SCREAM all luxury, ask yourself this question; “Is it time to update my website?”

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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