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You may have heard of the “star-crossed” lovers, Romeo and Juliet. You may have experience times when everything seemed to go your way, times when the “stars aligned”.  Some call it kismet; others call it luck or joss. But, in our opinion the stars cross and align ALL the time. The big question to ask yourself as a luxury real estate marketing professional is this: “Are YOU aligned with the stars?”

Evidence of alignment or misalignment “out-there” is merely a reflection of alignment or discord within caused by self-doubts.  A perfect example of alignment within is when you are doing what you love in your career. That is when the frequency of external alignment accelerates, when positive coincidences become commonplace. Real Estate transactions fall into place more easily. People refer business to you “out of the blue”. Agents decide to jump ship and join your company without having to recruit them. 

We are constantly on the lookout for evidence out there of personal alignment within.  Recently, we brought a new kitten into our family. We named him Quincy and nicknamed him, “The Mighty Quinn” after the song that Bob Dylan wrote. On a trip to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara on Highway 101, we happened to glance at a truck that pulled up along side of us.  The logo on the truck was for an equipment company called, Quinn Cat. 

It is always astounding when evidence of internal alignment appears with this level of specificity. At those moments it becomes undeniable that there is a reciprocal relationship between your state of mind and the circumstances and events you experience.

Your success in your luxury real estate marketing practice is proportionate to the degree of alignment or misalignment within you.  That is why it is imperative, for those of you who seek to gain or sustain market leadership, to consistently put aside self-doubts and keep reaching for the stars!


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