Orange is a hot color.  It has many attributes such as; extroverted, energizing, thrilling, fun, awe inspiring and playful.  Orange is dramatic and friendly at the same time thanks to its ancestry of red (drama) and yellow (cheerful and good natured).  It is one of the dominant colors of autumn and sunsets.

Orange captures attention.  It entices people to buy.  Like red and yellow, it has an effect on the part of our nervous system that stimulates the appetite. Restaurant often use orange or lighter shades as part of their décor, and their brand identity.   One of the most iconic French brands, Hermes, has orange as part of its packaging and brand identity.  Like Tiffany’s blue box, the orange Hermes box promises a wonderful gift within it.

The lighter shades of orange also attract the affluent and the sophisticated.  Peach, apricot, coral and melon evoke pleasant feelings of warmth and comfort.   These colors are great for the beauty industry also.  Peach and coral walls evoke serenity and wellbeing. 

Is orange one of your colors?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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