The color blue evokes consistency in our lives.  The sky is blue, the ocean is blue and they are still here.  It also is associated with reliability, trust, and dependability. We refer to loyal friends as true blue.  IBM is known as "big blue," even though its logo has transitioned to black and white! 

The other attribute of blue is that it is restful, which explains why we feel at peace, staring at a body of water or at the sky.  This also explains why hospitals use blue gowns for their surgical staff.


Not all blues are restful; turquoise, electric blue, royal blue engage as well as evoke exhilaration, vibrancy, and drama. Think of the many blue hues in the plumage of a peacock.  Royal Blue, navy blue and teal blue are associated with luxury and are considered rich and upscale.  Navy blue is also associated with authority and power and is seen in uniforms (naval, police, and pilots.)

In selecting your brand colors is blue true for you?  

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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