We all know that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. So, why do some luxury real estate marketing professionals get more than others?  The answer boils down to one word. Those that spark buzz have ‘REMARK-ABILITY”!  

While it has been proven time and again that many more negative remarks are made than positive remarks, it is imperative to understand what triggers people to spread the good word about YOU.  Some people are natural born “sneezers”.  They love to pass along good news or rave reviews about products or services that are remarkable.   Those that broadcast these good vibrations usually reach many people, even their entire sphere of influence, at times. 

Remarkable service sparks buzz.  But, that is only the beginning.  Regularly staying in touch with your prospects and your sphere with information that is valuable and truly buzz-worthy also is fodder for sneezers. 

Keep this in mind: It feels good to spread the word about products and services that you value.  Likeminded people usually hang out together.  So, when one sneezer spreads the word to his or her fellow sneezers a chain reaction is ignited. We call this the chain of gain.

Men hate to shave. Women are not crazy about either. When a breakaway technology comes along that can produce a superior, smoother, closer, effortless shave that is fabulous news. Gillette came out with a truly remarkable razor system called, FUSION® PROGLIDE® MANUAL RAZOR WITH FLEXBALLTECHNOLOGY.  The cartridge has 5 blades stacked closely together and the mechanics of the razor itself flexes to the contours of your face.  It actually glides. That is remarkable!

And, that is sneezing.  We are delighted to spread the word about remarkable products and services. Sneezers do not need to be bribed or otherwise induced to do this. It is part of being in on the fun as early adopters of new technologies and also discovering great talent or services. 

Deliver remarkable service.  Pass along remarkable information. And, you will gain remark-ability!

 Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

 ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry.  They work exclusively with professionals who are passionate about gaining or sustaining market leadership. With an expertise in personal branding, company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing they help their clients become the breakaway brand in their marketplace. 


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