Consistently staying in touch with your sphere of influence through a blog and/or a newsletter can reap a steady flow of referrals from those who already know you and also engage your prospects.   But, what is the secret that the most successful luxury real estate marketing professionals know about this important practice, that you may be missing?  The answer is Peripheral Marketing!  That is, sharing information that is fascinating and not just related to real estate.

Some of these people will occasionally be interested in market trends or what the home sold for on their street. However, if you constantly bombard them with real estate related information they will simply tune you out. They may eventually unsubscribe from your blog or newsletters.  Sustaining their interest in your regular communications is what peripheral marketing is all about.

An agent on the East Coast turned her passion for chocolate into a goldmine of referrals by blogging about a topic that is near and dear to the hearts and stomachs of so many of us. She reports on every type of chocolate and explains the evolution from beans to chocolate bars or truffles. Her sphere looks forward to her newsletters with great anticipation because they are more interested in their lifestyle than real estate facts. 

Prospects may have a keener interest in real estate matters. But, if you want them to choose you, over your competition, as their agent you better let them know that you have more than one dimension and also a unique point of view.  That is the secret of highly successful luxury real estate marketing professionals.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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