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Looking back to the inception of social media, we pause to evaluate its meaning today.  In our title, we paraphrased the quote from Alice in Wonderland, “What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversation? ” We substituted social media for the book, to illustrate that some of social media is often without pictures or conversations.

As early adopters, we were impressed by the conversations and the genuine exchange of pictures and information.  We loved the eagerness of people reaching out to connect.   It was fun to converse with someone in Australia, Malta, Spain, and Tasmania via the Internet.  This was a form of having pen pals across the world without waiting for response through the mail.

Internet users were told by the social media pundits to turn new friendships into dollars. They said, “all one has to do to tap into the Internet’s “river of gold” by encumbering the message with key words, and say nearly nothing, except,  “Give me your business, I am connected to you!” Then, as Google continued to change its algorithms, users were told to follow the new rules in order to appease the Google gods.

People forgot that social means talking to each other, and enjoying the conversation. They lost track of the fact that the media is simply a platform of communication.

We have always maintained that genuine conversation and connecting in a meaningful way brings business in.  It is good to be found on Google; there is no doubt about that.  However, will a Google search find the genuine article?  Or, will the result find someone who knows how to twist themself and their words to achieve the top positioning, but knows little else.

We still chuckle at the story of someone who hired the “expert” to speak about social media because he ranked #1.  It turned out that he knew less than the individual who hired him. His cheeky response was, “I know how to be #1!”

What is the use of social media without pictures or conversations?  For us, it has no life, no meaning and no reason for its existence.  With pictures and conversations it is a form of sharing, exchanging, connecting, learning and enjoying other’s perspectives.  Genuine sharing can lead to business. 

What do You think?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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