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In marketing luxury real estate, there is no substitute for local knowledge.  Some real estate portals have been collecting local insights from agents by offering them the carrot of a miniscule chance of winning a contest.  This information cannot replace personal contact with trusted content. 

Recently one of the chefs in town mentioned he was going to Paris for a week.  He asked us if we could recommend restaurants that we had recently eaten at.   He wanted to experience bistros, and wine bars where the Parisians ate.  So, we contacted our friend and partner in Paris with that criteria, and she sent back several of her favorites, along with a local’s perspective and descriptions.

When I searched Paris restaurant guidebooks, Google gave me 847,000 results.  This chef has even better resources than Google such as other chefs and customers who constantly travel.  What he was looking for was eating at places where the locals eat.  He wanted to be where the Parisians are, i.e., the local current experience.

Guidebooks and the Internet are great sources of local information, but is it really the genuine article, and can the reviews be really trusted to match our own standards and preferences?

When we travel to a client’s destination, we always ask for their recommendations of places to stay and at which to dine.  We are always looking for the local experience, and not the tourist’s experience.   The same is true for us regardless where we find ourselves in the world.  Local expertise makes a world of difference.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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