Recently, a website was called to our attention, in the realm of luxury goods and services, that exemplifies many of the principles that we focus upon in our luxury real estate personal and company branding practice. In this article series we will cover the principles that make Cowgirl Creamery a candidate for our Brilliance in Branding Award.  In Part 1 we will discuss the principle of brand positioning, the importance of which often alludes luxury real estate marketing professionals in their personal and company branding. 

- Brand Positioning -

We were first introduced to Cowgirl Creamery several years ago when we visited one of their retail stores located in a San Francisco culinary hot spot, the Ferry Building. On our first encounter, we thought the clever attention-getting brand name stood out and we immediately knew what that brand stood for.  Their brand position is crystal clear. 

When you think of Kraft cheese, Velveeta or Cheese Whiz (both made by Kraft Foods) do you think of a luxury brands? Cowgirl Creamery stands for local (Northern California) artisan organic cheeses.  In just three words they differentiate themselves making it impossible to confuse them with the global conglomerate’s brands.   

You can find Cowgirl Creamery cheeses in Whole Foods Markets.  But, you most likely will not find their products other large food market chains.  Kraft stands for consistently reliable, people-pleasing cheese for the masses.  This does not imply that their cheeses are inferior.  They just appeal to a different target market. 

Your luxury real estate brand and your website provide the best opportunity to communicate your extraordinary promise of value and how you are distinct from your competition.  If you do not instantaneously let your target market and potential referral base know your brand position, that is, what you stand for, how you are distinct and also how you want to be perceived, they will pigeonhole you by default.  Once that happens it becomes very difficult to get them to re-categorize you in their minds on your own terms. 

In subsequent articles in this series we will cover more principles of branding that are exemplified in Cowgirl Creamery company branding. 

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