Without a focused strategy and a unique “point of view” as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you are just spinning your wheels with social media. And, this becomes a colossal waste of time! Without original content, you might as well re-channel your energy on more productive means of developing new business. 

Originality and innovation can be rewarded handsomely with viable business leads, but only when you consistently publish buzz-worthy, follow-worthy content through social media. To exercise your original thinking process you need to extrovert and see innovation everywhere you go. 

When you think of a hamster in a cage exercising what image comes to mind first? Do you think of an exercise wheel made of wire mesh? Think again! 

We recently took a trip to our local pet store to pick up some food for our cats, Zoe and Kobe. There we spotted a new and improved twist on an old product for small animals (not cats):  A better exercise wheel!  Instead of the typical wire mesh version, this blue plastic “flying saucer” exercise wheel has a unique value proposition not only for pets, but also for their owners.  Both products promise better health and freedom from boredom for pets. But, this one is toe and tail safe and pets love the solid running surface. Best of all, it is easier to clean for you than the mesh version. Both wheels cost the same.

You might liken the wire mesh version of the exercise wheel to the incumbent market leader in your luxury real estate marketplace.  The market leader enjoys top-of-mind status.  That is, until some challenger comes along with a superior value proposition.  

If you did not know, about the “flying saucer” exercise wheel until now (like us) it will be fairly difficult not to think about this product category challenger going forward.  A shift in top-of-mind status can literally happen instantly, like it did for us in a flash! But, you need a strategy, an original approach, to pull this off.  The plastic version of the wheel is most likely less expensive to produce. 

This goes to show that you do not have to out-spend the incumbent market leader, you need to out-think your competition.  This is exactly what we help our clients accomplish in our luxury real estate strategic branding practice. 

When you publish original content, social media gives you the opportunity to show your target market how you think before they even meet you. But, out-smarting your competition requires strategic thinking.  Conversely, social media can also show just how unoriginal you are if your content is canned.  Given the psychographics of those who can afford to buy luxury real estate, you can be assured that these high net worth individuals are more prone to value innovation and originality.  

Stop spinning your wheels with social media. Get focused. Be original and innovative.  Or, get off the wheel.


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