James Dean, 1955 movie, Rebel Without a Cause*

The world of professional journalism and the media in general are two subjects that are mostly unfamiliar to luxury real estate marketing professionals.  Yet, to fully engage in and leverage the amazing marketing benefits of social media you need to know at least two fundamentals:

  1. Social media is really not all that different from traditional media such as radio, newspapers, magazines and TV
  2. Without a distinct “Point of View (POV)” you are dead in the water before you even begin

A media is just a vehicle through which you can deliver content of interest that is compelling to your target market.  What is bewildering to those engaged in marketing luxury real estate is the concept of building an audience of raving fans. Suddenly, this has become part of your job description if you want to leverage social media to the fullest!  Making the time to do this on top of your normal business routine, however, can give you a spectacular competitive advantage because you will stand out from the crowd. 

If you just consider the importance of one word, “SHARE”, you will understand the primary added value that social media has brought about and where its opportunity truly is.  When you publish genuine, original and compelling content, the very mechanics of social media can facilitate the process of putting word-of-mouth advertising on steroids for you. 

But, you might as well abandon the idea of becoming a publisher of content if your content is not original. More importantly, if you do not have a distinct and consistent POV, no one will pay attention to you over time and no one will share your content with others.

Take a look at The Food Networks’ hit reality show, The Next Food Star where the winner is awarded his or her own series on the Food Network.On the show, they strongly encourage the contestants to articulate their POV so they can build a fan base who eventually will vote for them.

The winner of season two was Guy Fieri who went on to star in Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives that now seems to be ubiquitous on the Network.  With a hip, rugged, down-to-earth personality he connects mightily with his target market as he showcases the best comfort food eateries in the country.  With his wild, spiked dyed white hair and pierced body parts, Guy has a very distinct POV. He also has a BBQ sauce (and other ancillary products) that is sold in markets throughout the USA.

Last season’s winner was Jason Wamer.  He defined his POV as "Rebel With a Culinary Cause".  Iron Chef, Bobby Flay, stated, “Jason’s zany ideas and quirkiness will ad a unique value to the Food Network”.  And, Giada De Laurentis, said, “Jason really knows who he is”.

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, have you defined your own POV (Point of View)?  This is one of the keys to developing your personal brand, which is exactly what we help our clients to do.

*The photo of James Dean is from the film "Giant"


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