Recently, we saw an article by a Forbes magazine writer titled, Is Blogging Dead?” and that got us thinking about how that question might apply to luxury real estate marketing.  Blogging has been around for some time now.  Has it already become passé?  We think blogging is alive and well providing you are blogging in English vs. “Googlish”. 

Blogging isn’t going anywhere any time soon because good journalism is and always will be an integral part of our human experience.  As long as people seek the opinion of experts in a given field and the Internet can instantly connect you to opinion leaders blogging in some form or another will always be relevant. 

The real question for you is: Do you know who your target market is, precisely? Is your target comprised of humans or robots? Are you speaking to your audience in their language? Are you provided compelling original content that is newsworthy, buzz-worthy and follow-worthy? Or, are you cramming a bunch of empty keyword phrases together that are repeated far too many times in order to court the Google robots?  If the latter is the case you must be blogging in “Googlish” not English. 

Sure, there are excellent benefits from being recognized by Google as an authority.  But, your page ranking will reflect that naturally. Google wants to match up the experts with those who seek their advice. They can sell more ads if they do this well. 

Advertisers are looking for eyeballs that are seeking quality content. You may have heard the expression, “Content is King”.  We say, ORIGINAL content is still king” because that is what builds an audience and raving fans.  But, if your heart in not in your blog you are engaged in an activity that is a colossal waste of time, time that could be spent much more productively, like actually meeting new people who could become new referral sources for you.


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