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Stay on the Leading Edge - Don't  Sit on Your Laurels!

In this article series we explored an essential principle that can play a big role in adding value to luxury real estate personal and company branding.  Your provenance, which is your history, background, lineage, pedigree, or heritage, can contribute mightily to the story of your brand. It is where your brand “comes from”.   

If you are the market leader in your area, one of your core strengths in relationship to your closest competitors is your track record, which is a key component in establishing your provenance.  A strong track record is virtually irrefutable and it is intimidating to your challengers. 

With a strong track record, however, it is very easy for market leaders to become complacent. To sustain market leadership it is extremely important that you do not “sit on your laurels”.  You must stay current and relevant.  You must keep innovating to stay on the leading edge ahead of your competition. 

In our strategic branding practice we work exclusively with those luxury real estate marketing professionals and companies who are bent on gaining or sustaining market leadership in their marketplace or a niche therein.  True brand strategy is a battle for mind-share and market share between incumbents and challengers.  Our clients take this seriously because, at this level, it is the lion’s share of business in their area or niche that is at stake. 

We coach our market leading clients to stay on the leading edge and not to sit on their laurels. We also help them to amplify the provenance of their brand story, by clearly displaying their formidable track records in their Gallery or Portfolio of Sold Homes on their web sites.  Just one look at their track records can be enough to instantly convince a home seller to list with them, and not even bother to investigate the competition.   

Here are two examples of how our market leading Santa Barbara clients communicate their provenance.  Linda Lorenzen Hughes is the market leader in the Hope Ranch area and Chris Palme is the market leader in the Santa Barbara Riviera niche. (Click on their names)

We hope you enjoyed our 7 Part  series on the added value of provenance.  If you are a market leader in your area of expertise or you are serious about challenging the incumbent, check out our track record (Client Testimonials) and contact us.

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