In part 2 of this series we shared the two mindsets of luxury consumers.  This post is about YOU, the luxury real estate marketing professional, developing your mindset.  We emphasized that you have to suspend your judgments about your client’s lifestyle and personality.  To do that you must adopt the Objective Luxury Real Estate Agent Mindset.

Easier said than done?   Being truly objective is the key to a successful real estate transaction.  Objectivity is the beginning of a successful and long- term client/agent relationship.  Here is what is at stake: longevity in the business and an enviable reputation as the go-to person in your marketplace.

The easiest way to gain the Objective Luxury Real Estate Agent Mindset is to keep your purpose in mind at all times:  closed transactions and clients becoming raving fans. Or, as one of our own mentors used to say, “Don’t let the ants get in the way of the elephant”.  Here is an example:

Our company had a great listing.  We were the listing broker for one of the premier entertainment office buildings in Los Angeles.  We got a call from an assistant who was working for a celebrity to make an appointment to view one of the vacant floors in the building for their offices.  We set a time, and she gave us a hint that the client may be a few minutes late.  As a rule of thumb this could translate to an additional hour in our experience. 

Prior to heading out for the appointment, we prepared by loading the car with items that could be done while waiting for them in the building owner’s conference room.   The assistant arrived on time.  She took a cursory look at the space, and told us that we would have to wait for her bosses as they were running late and coming in separate limos. 

First to arrive was the wife.  She was a famous actress in an Oscar winning movie. She threw the mink on the couch and proceeded to complain to her assistant and ignoring us.  We waited until she ran out of breath with her tirade and suggested we take a look at the space.  She had a blast critiquing the finishes, and after she was done, we explained that we would design the space to suit their particular needs. She left with the harassed assistant, and said she liked the space. 

Then, the husband (the manager of a mega star) arrived and reenacted the same scenes his wife had just dramatized.  When he was done we viewed the space.  He calmed down and stated that he, too, liked it. We exchanged cards and he asked us to keep him informed of any other locations that we thought would match his needs. He thanked us profusely and apologized for being late. We had no doubts that he would refer us future business.

What kept us objective in this scenario?  Our understanding that we were hired to do make sure that building was leased.  We were not hired to pass judgment or psychoanalyze their personalities or to gossip about their celebrity histrionics. That was none of our business.  What we kept in mind was this:

They were interested in the building

They were qualified to lease the space

The owners would be happy because their marquee name would add to the prestige of the building

The commission would be sizable

Keeping this vision clear in our minds was a great way not to let the ants get in the way of the elephants.  And, that is how you, too, can adopt the Objective Luxury Real Estate Agent Mind as a luxury real estate marketing professional.  This will supplement your soul and also your bank account!

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