Impeccable Manners! - The Secret to Becoming “Top Dog” in Your Marketplace

Throughout this article series, we have explored a new definition of luxury, “Supplement of the Soul”. Nothing feeds the soul of high net worth clients more than being treated like royalty. And, that requires impeccable manners.   If you are aiming to be “Top Dog” in your area, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, you can run circles around your competition simply by acquiring impeccable manners.

The secret ingredient in impeccable manners is impeccable communication skills. "Impeccable" means, “in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless."  You have to approach manners as an art form and become a virtuoso, one who excels in the technique of an art.

Occasions such as a wedding, an audience with a royal, the president or the pope have specific rules. These are the techniques of the art of impeccable manners. If you intend to have an international clientele it is important that you become well versed in their customs and manners, and invest the time to master your craft.  

Impeccable communication and manners inspire trust and confidence.  Any newbie that acquires this skillset can outsell a seasoned grouchy veteran.  We saw it happen in a luxury car dealership, where a newbie (just hired/first time in car sales) outsold everyone on the floor in her first week on the job, because of her cheerful demeanor and impeccable manners. 

In luxury real estate one of our clients was given a prestigious listing because of his manners and impeccable follow-through.  For this seller, impeccable manners made the difference between choosing him over three other seasoned competitors.

One of our friends in Napa, California worked for one of the premier wineries as a host and event coordinator. At one of the wine events, a dignitary from another country noticed his skills and asked if he would be willing to become the head butler in their embassy in Washington.  Delighted with this opportunity, he accepted, and promptly enrolled in butler school.  Now he runs the embassy's social events and is their liaison for the other embassies.

So now we have completed this article series. We discovered one of the most important universal principles that must be applied in your luxury real estate marketing practice if you sincerely desire to gain or sustain market leadership (be “Top Dog”).  Here is a final recap:

Determine what feeds the soul of your client (Part 1)

Accurately assess the luxury mindset of your client ((Part 2)

Adopt what we call the “Objective Luxury Real Estate Agent Mindset" (Part 3) 

Clear your mind of envy (Part 4)

Acquire impeccable manners (Part 5)


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