As a luxury real estate market leader it is imperative to continuously think strategically in order to outdistance your challengers. That is why it is essential to study the strategies of the most highly valued brands in the world. 

Google’s strategy of making Android available for “better than free” (because they also offer profit sharing on apps as an incentive to developers and smart phone manufacturers), represented a full frontal attack on Apple (See Part 1).  Last week a consortium of companies (including Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Sony and others), who acquired a set of patents from Nortel Networks, waged a counter attack that goes for the jugular of Google, Samsung and other Android device manufacturers for alleged patent infringements. 

This is the prelude to the “thermal nuclear” war that Jobs alluded to in his biography by Walter Isaacson. No doubt there will be counter-suits from Google and the gang, as part of the Motorola acquisition included a set of patents that may be infringed upon as well.  It took two years to launch this strategy to slow down Androids advances. 


We mention this epic “Battle of the Titans” to underscore the fact that at the level of market leadership, even in the realm of marketing luxury real estate, there is so much at stake. By creating a new category in the marketplace you have the tremendous advantage of being the first mover in that space.  But, if you “sit on your laurels” and do not continuously think strategically, your leadership position can be short lived. 

Android, which is the operating system software that runs smart phones and tablets, made it possible for Samsung (who Apple still depends on for manufacturing) to become a formidable challenger.  But, Android’s biggest weakness is Apple’s greatest strength. 


Android is extremely FRAGMENTED, given that there are so many models and companies that customize this platform.  This makes it very risky for developers (and their investors) to create new apps for Android first, i.e., before Apple. As a result, there are only tens of thousands of Android apps for tablets vs. over 475,000 iPad apps.  

Apple’s operating system (iOS) has an “unfair” advantage because of its UNIFORMITY AND INTEGRATION  between its devices and computers.  When Apple recently came out with its latest version of iOS, according to Tim Cook, Apple, CEO, "within three weeks 64% of ALL APPLE DEVICES had downloaded it!"

This will play a major role in the trajectory of market share when the tablet becomes a dominant mainstream computer used in enterprise (not just as a consumer device). Samsung and other Android device manufacturers cannot come close to this value proposition and will have a hard time convincing companies and government organizations to purchase their devices as a result. The high cost of fragmentation raises a big question about the future of Android in enterprise.

As a luxury real estate marketing professional three of the most important lessons to be learned from the world’s most highly valued brands are: 1) Continuously think strategically; 2) Stay focused on what is at stake, and; 3) Capitalize on your greatest strengths.  And remember, it is more fun at the top!

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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