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Like wineries and beauty products, the food industry is another highly competitive field, even more so than luxury real estate marketing.  The competition for shelf space and visibility in the various markets is a constant juggling act. Our research shows that the cookie and cracker-manufacturing sector is expected to reach annual revenues of $410 billion by 2015.    

Trader Joe’s carries many cracker and cookie brands, and recently they have contracted with manufacturers to produce their own label of cracker brands.  Unlike other manufacturers, they are in control of their shelf space.  And they understand that in order to sell it to their customers, branding is just as important as taste.  After tasting, “Some Enchanted Cracker,” we were delighted with the taste as well as the name.

Humor is often employed in crafting Trader Joe’s brand names. No doubt, the song “Some enchanted evening,” from South Pacific was an inspiration for the name.  The packaging is uncluttered for this unique multi-grain cracker.

According to industry experts, “The top 50 companies [in the dry baked industry] account for more than 90 percent of industry revenue.  Small operations can compete effectively by manufacturing allergen- and sugar-free products, high-end cookies and crackers, or products containing unusual ingredients”.

The same applies to marketing luxury real estate.  There is always room for sharply focused niche players.  The key is to cleverly brand yourself and your niche to stand out.

Is your brand simple and memorable?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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