Like wineries (covered in Part 1 of this article series), the beauty products industry is another highly competitive industry, even more so than luxury real estate marketing.  The numbers are staggering. One expert predicted that by 2017, total revenue in the global beauty market would be $257 billion dollars.    

With so much at stake, expert branding is the key to standing out on cosmetic counters worldwide and capturing mind share, then market share.   One of the rising product category stars in beauty marketing is combining the foundations and the moisturizers all in one tube, which is known as the “beauty balm”.  The idea here is to keep it quick and simple for the busy ladies of the world. 

Depicted here is a beauty balm brand that is both simple and memorable. Too Faced is a clever play on the words “two” (as well as two products in one), and also the expression, “two-faced”, which means hypocritical or duplicitous.  It also communicates the product’s promise of value: looking better, or putting on a better face.  

Is your brand simple and memorable? 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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