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In Part 1 of this article series we discussed the importance of genuine testimonials. We questioned the authenticity of social media “Likes” and “Endorsements” as a form of social proof, a phenomenon that occurs when prospects defer to the judgment of others who endorse you. Here, we discuss the value of “endorser brands” in luxury real estate marketing.

One shortcut that can make it easy to communicate your unique promise of value is to associate your personal brand with an endorser brand. An endorser brand is like a seal of approval.  It lends the established social credibility of another trusted person or company to your personal brand.

If your personal brand is your primary brand, your company brand is your secondary brand that can endorse you. The reputation and social currency of your company can either add additional credibility to you, or diminish your personal brand. Associating your personal brand with the right company brand can often be the deciding factor in getting listings. 

To get the idea of how endorser brands work outside of luxury real estate marketing get the idea of Oprah endorsing you.  The “Oprah Effect” has been credited for turning books into best sellers and making celebrities, like Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz become overnight successes. In England if your firm receives a Royal Warrant from the Queen that is all the social proof you need to be extremely successful.

Endorser brands can contribute significantly to your social profile and set you apart.  Some endorser brand in luxury real estate include Luxury Portfolio, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, Christie’s Great Estates and the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. These international networks and professional development brands can give you that extra credibility that become the tipping point in gaining a new client.

Be careful which company you select and the affiliations you make.   Think of what happens when companies who affiliate with celebrities who run into personal problems that are exposed in the media. This can become a public relations nightmare. At that point social proof becomes a social spoof! 

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