The Oprah Effect-Part 1

Recently CNBC aired a show called the Oprah Effect.  This 42 minute show illustrates the power of Oprah’s personal brand. If you go to you can watch the entire show on your IPhone, on your desktop, on your laptop, and soon on your tablet computer, anywhere, anytime.  In fact, you can even watch it right here on our blog post.  As a luxury real estate marketing professional seeking market leadership, now is the best time ever to build your own personal brand.

Oprah built her personal brand over 26 years. You can build yours in just 2 years if you are willing to seize the incredible opportunity of the new media of internet TV. 

What is the catch?  You need to have a unique voice and you need to create an extraordinary promise of value. You also must be what we call, “follow-worthy,” in order to build an audience and expand your sphere of influence.  With the internet fragmenting the TV market into micro-niches, the goal is to find an uncontested market niche that you can dominate. And, you must be passionate about your niche.

Whenever Oprah likes a product she tells her viewers (44 million a week) about it, and usually interviews the entrepreneurs behind the product.  Within minutes phones start ringing off the hook in those companies.  Carol’s Daughter’s (mentioned in our previous post) beauty products went from a 2 million dollar company to a 20 million dollar company.  You Take the Cake was on the verge of insolvency and now is a thriving concern selling cakes and shipping the batter of their famous key lime cake to the likes of Whole Foods grocery stores.

Oprah is passionate about what she likes and what she believes in. Find your passion and you will discover the power of your personal brand.

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