As a luxury real estate marketing professional have you ever wondered why someone else was given a premium listing?  Have you asked yourself why you were not even called to do a presentation in an area where you have sold many listings, and should be considered an expert?  Could it be that you were missing your “X Factor” and simply did not stand out as a result? 

To us the X Factor represents impeccable manners, amazing follow through, and the cultivation of a “high touch” relationship.  That is what we strive to achieve in all of interactions and also look for in those professionals with whom we work. 

Recently, we met with a Public Relations firm that we interviewed for a large real estate development project that we are working on.  What was remarkable about this firm is that the CEO answered his own phone. The firm is sizable; it occupying a three- story building, and has an international clientele. 

When we arrived at our first meeting, the receptionist greeted us warmly.  As a matter of fact, there was a plaque with our name on it at the window, as well as a parking space assigned to us with our name on it!  Everyone we met with was prepared for the meeting.  They had read our brief and were ready with questions and comments.  They toured us through their facilities and introduced us to their staff.  This was the home of a happy family, which included some dogs of staff members, right in the workplace, who were allowed to be part of the creative team. 

They even invited us to join the whole staff for lunch and brainstorming session, just to see how they work as a team. The CEO gave us a book that he authored and autographed it with the following note, “Let’s do something GREAT together!” 

How to you define the X Factor for yourself?  To answer that question ask yourself:

Why do you like shopping in a particular store, when there are other stores carrying the same exact products? 

Why do you prefer spending more time with certain individuals? 

Why do you choose certain service providers over others?  Who do you recommend for services and why?

To embody the X Factor, give your prospects, your buyers, your sellers and all your service providers the same treatment that you enjoy and appreciate.  Make that a habit and you will thrive. 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-


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