A key trend in luxury marketing is the concept of “farm-to-table marketing”. There are important clues here for marketing luxury real estate.  It is not just about offering the facts. It is about telling the story that adds color and engages the emotions.

Farm-to-table marketing in the arena of fine dining while traveling and also for local restaurants is based upon the premise that consumers want to know the point of origin from which their food comes. Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley (who pioneered this trend decades ago) credits menu items by mentioning the local purveyor.  Here is an excerpt from the appetizer section of their menu: “Cannard Farm rocket (arugula) and chervil salad with buttered radish and onion toasts.” 

In applying farm-to-table marketing, your luxury real estate message should include the overall story of the home you are selling.  The potential buyer wants the “back story” which allows them to become enchanted with the property.  When they purchase it, it becomes the story they tell their friends and their reasons for buying the home.  For instance, if the home is a rammed earth home, a video on the making of this type of home would make an excellent adjunct to the presentation of the listing on your website.

A few years ago a “rastra block” home was sold in the California wine country.  A rastra block is made from recycled Styrofoam.  This home had photo voltaic cells and solar panels.  The entire house was a story of “farm-to-table” origins.  The property site itself was originally a stone quarry that produced the stone used to build the streets of San Francisco.  The home has recycled architectural elements from France, Africa, and Mexico.   

By breaking down the property’s story and telling sub-stories of its various elements through ancillary rich media, i.e., photos and video, you can engage more buyers.  You also have a surefire way to standout from your competition.


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