Being at the top of your game as a luxury real estate marketing professional requires being consistently remarkable. Market leadership requires it. 

When was the last time you felt uplifted by a customer service experience?  How many people did you tell about it? Did you go out of your way to acknowledge this to the service provider and or their superiors? 

You may consider this a random act of kindness. But, it is just as important as leaving big TIPS (to insure prompt service). And, it keeps you focused on being remarkable, yourself. 

People tend to pass along, to others, their negative experiences at  a significantly higher rate than their positive ones.  So what can you do to ignite a chain reaction of positive buzz about YOU?  Be remarkable in some way that stands out from your competition.  Then be consistent at being remarkable! 

Being consistently remarkable is a true sign of a market leader. Trader Joes exemplifies this principle, brilliantly. TJs, as many loyal customer refer to the company, is a privately owned, specialty grocery store with 365 stores in 31 states.  Their company culture is very strong. They take great care of their people and they have a knack for consistently selecting great people. 

One of the most consistently remarkable attributes of this fine company is their esprit de corps, otherwise known as team spirit. You always feel uplifted by the high positive energy among the employees. Everyone pitches in to help each other, too.  Job satisfaction must be very high as we often ask the TJ staff if they enjoy their job. The answer is a resounding yes,, every time. 

Discover what you can be consistently remarkable about in your luxury real estate marketing practice.  Then, practice deliberate acts of kindness by letting others know that you appreciate their remarkable service.  This keeps you focused on being remarkable, too. 


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