As you approach the realm of market leadership the difference between good and great service in the field of marketing luxury real estate cannot be measured by the degree of competency and integrity. The fundamentals of successfully engineering real estate transactions are the same; you cannot get away with incompetence and lack of integrity for very long.  So how do you differentiate yourself from your closest competitors if market leadership is your quest? 

The answer is the value that you add.  Added value is the extra service that you offer that your competitors do not include in their winning formula.  Here is an example. 

There are many aviation brokers who provide the service of buying, selling or leasing private jets. We recently met an aviation broker who put his company in a class unto itself by offering his clients an extra service that they cannot find anywhere else. His firm   targets Fortune 500 companies exclusively and offers them a consulting service to help them analyze the most cost efficient way to allocate their resources for private aviation 

As expert number crunchers in this very narrow niche they position themselves as trusted advisors rather than mere brokers and immediately set themselves far apart from their competition who just broker planes. They basically break even in terms of being compensated as consultants. But, they are awarded the business as brokers because they thoroughly understand the specific needs of their corporate clients. As a result, they can represent their clients’ interest far better than their competitors.  At the Fortune 500 level the rewards are obviously worth it.  This formula simply would not work for the private aviation needs of small to mid-sized firms. 

This aviation brokerage firm identified an uncontested market niche that they could satisfy better than anyone else in the world of private aviation for Fortune 500 companies.  As a result they create added value as consultants by saving these large companies  a significant amount of time and money. Their analysis provides an objective criteria for making private aviation decisions to buy, sell or lease planes. 

They do not need a clever “sales pitch” to ace out their competition.  They do not need to lower their brokerage commission rate to win business.   Nor, do they need to know the right people who can get them “in the door”. Their consulting service is the answer to the prayers of their clients.  They are the perfect match to the real needs of their clients. 

As a luxury real estate marketing professional can your “VA”,or added value,be? 


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