In our travels to Connecticut to work with one of our clients we stayed at a charming Bed & Breakfast Inn.  Before we arrived we received a welcome letter that said, “We cannot wait to spoil you”. And, indeed we were spoiled in so many ways!  Let this be your mantra for providing extraordinary service with exceptional care as a luxury real estate marketing professional.  

One of the many ways in which we were spoiled was a plateful of little “mid-night snacks” that awaited us when we returned to our room at night, with a personal note. The first night it was some nibbles of rhubarb crumble.  The next night it was tiny morsels of brownies.  The husband and wife proprietors were extremely gracious and made us feel very much at home. 

The last night we were there we went to a great seafood restaurant that was located within a seaside hotel (not ours).  Before our entree was served, a fire alarm sounded and the entire restaurant had to be evacuated.   

The “fire drill” was not a bad experience; nothing serious actually happend.  Instead we had the opportunity to meet some of the other patrons of the restaurant who were delightful.  For our inconvenience, however, we were comped coffee and dessert.  

Think of running your luxury real estate marketing practice like a B&B or a great hotel How can you provide this level of extraordinary service, in your practice?  Think hospitality vs. real estate.  Then let your clients know that you cannot wait to spoil them.


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