With all the time and expense that goes into driving quality traffic to your website, you better make sure your first- time web visitors instantly have a great first impression when they get there. Successful luxury real estate website design instantly captures attention. Original quality content holds their attention, which increases your chances of actually capturing their lead.  

Capturing attention leads to leads. This fundamental  is universal. Here is an example of how this plays out in purchasing wine without first getting a recommendation.  Recently, we were attracted to a bottle of wine (out of hundreds on the selves in the store).  The label simply was a question mark (?).  There was no name or description on the front of the bottle. 

The label instantly attracted our attention and the original story about it prompted us to buy it.  It was a fluke at the winery.  They combined two wines by mistake, admitted it and this was the very pleasant result.  (see our previous post about (?)

Had we not been attracted to the label we most likely would never have heard about the winery, Oreana.  The wine was very reasonably priced and delicious.  The way they handled this error with complete transparency commanded our respect and made a very strong first impression.  It also prompted us to later explore the Oreana Pinot Noir on a subsequent visit to the store. 

Oreana’s (?) label captured our attention.  Their story was original and compelling. The “content” was terrific.  And, the Pinot, our second Oreana experience exceeded the first.  Now, we are raving fans! 

This is exactly what you are trying to achieve with your luxury real estate website design and your original website content.   Capturing attention, leads to leads.  Does your site achieve this?


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