As with any business or professional practice, luxury real estate marketing professionals sometimes make mistakes. For some, it is hard to admit for fear of being judged unfavorably.  We believe it is best to be transparent about mistakes and do your best to turn them into opportunities to build trust. 

Recently, Apple made some missteps in staffing their stores.  They announced their mistake, corrected it and moved on. That is transparency.

As we were passing the wine aisle at the market, the label (depicted above), with a big orange question mark, caught our attention.  It really stood out from the others. It was priced at $5.99, so we could not resist our curiosity.  Soon, we discovered the story of this particular bottle from Oreana Winery.  It is simply labeled as red table wine and we enjoyed it very much.

Here is their story as seen on their label,

“Mistake or Fate?  I pondered this as I removed the hose from the stainless steel tank.  The wrong tank lot 1203 and lot 419 were now one.  Once destined to be bottled individually, now and forever fused. A phone call to a mentor elicited a quick response, ‘varietal wine? Blend it man and blend it well!’  I reached for a glass to decide what blue rain had been created from this mishap.   This is a soft, satiny, sexy wine, with voluptuous black cherry and blackberry fruit, plus layers of chocolate and spices suggestive of cinnamon, mint and more. It is powerful and complex, yet open and accessible."

WOW! It fully lived up to its description. It was the perfect accompaniment to our Margarita, heirloom tomato and fresh basil pizza.

What impressed us was the transparency in admitting a mistake and turning it into a success. The label fits perfectly as no varietal grape is listed. 

Turn your mistakes into successes! Be transparent.  Keep building trust.  Your reputation is the core component of your personal or company brand. This is an iconic example of branding that is remarkable and memorable. Oreana as a winery was not even on our radar screen, and with this branding coup we will never forget it.  It made an indelible impression.


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