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In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series we stated that the first moment of truth in the client acquisition cycle occurs before your prospective client meets you. If you were not referred by a family member, a friend or a colleague, making an indelible first impression with your website is, therefore, a vital key to winning their business because they will be predisposed to hire you when they actually meet you.  Your website is your silent salesperson as a luxury real estate marketing professional. 

If your website appears at first glance to be the most authoritative site in your marketplace, if it has the best graphic interface, and is also the best  organized and easiest to navigate, you have a very good shot at  keeping them coming back to do their research.  While they are in this “self-service” mode, before they meet you, they are still operating from a favorable, lasting first impression that occurred in the first moment of truth.

Offering original content on your website is one of the best ways to keep them coming back to your site. Property search and canned neighborhood content is ubiquitous. If you have a blog that is more than just informative, one that also offers your unique point of view and is entertaining, the chances that you will convert leads  is much higher than your competition.

We were recently asked by an agent if he should subscribe to a service in India that slaps up generic blog content just to improve his Google ranking. It is only costs $50 per month.

What is the use of ranking high on Google if the consumers who lands on your site encounters inferior, generic information? In a click, off they can go in search of the real deal!   They may have been impressed with your ranking.  But they will be disappointed if you provide generic information that can be found anywhere.  This could actually damage your reputation because it speaks volumes about how you are willing to cut-corners to get ahead of your competition.  And, this is not the kind of indelible first impression you want to make.

The first moment of truth gets them to be predisposed to liking you and wanting to hire you. But, it is the second moment of truth, when they meet you, that determines if you will actually get their business.  That is why ranking #1 on Google is not as important as achieving top-of-mind (#1) status in your marketplace.  Google can arbitrarily change their algorithms and off you go from your 1st position.  But, continuously creating positive impressions in the minds of your target market will lead to making those impressions indelible.

Meeting expectations at the conclusion of your first transaction is the third moment of truth in the customer acquisition cycle.  Getting their referrals is the fourth moment of truth and getting their repeat business is the fifth moment of truth.  Consistently, winning each of the five moments of truth is the true test of a market leader.  It is the test of successful branding.



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