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The Key to Winning the First Moment of Truth:

Make an Indelible First Impression

We all know that referrals are the best source of new business in your luxury real estate marketing practice.  For someone to refer you, you must have made a strong positive impression, an indelible impression because you have achieved “top-of-mind” status in their mind. Indelible means impossible to remove from the mind or memory, and therefore remains, “forever”.  Creating positive indelible impressions and sustaining top-of-mind status over time is what branding is all about.   Therefore, the key to mastering the first moment of truth is making an indelible first impression. 

When potential clients are referred your way they are already predisposed to liking you and trusting you because they like and trust the one who sent them to you.   They have already experienced the first “moment of truth” in the cycle of client acquisition and they are hopeful that you can deliver on the promise of satisfying their most pressing needs.   But, they are relying on the indelible impression you have made on the referring party.

For those who find you through search engines, through your advertising or your website, a blog post, or your yard sign in front of an impressive listing, the first moment of truth is your opportunity to make an indelible first impression on your potential NEW client.   Think of your first moment of truth as an audition for a talent show.  Do you stand out or are you forgettable?  Are you instantly perceived as the expert who can meet your potential clients’ needs?   You actually only have a nano second to make that first impression. 

Entrepreneurs who pitch to venture capitalists are often given only 30 seconds to make an indelible first impression.  This has become known as an “elevator pitch” because you only have a few seconds in an elevator with a captive audience.  On the internet, however, you do not even have that much time because your competition is just a click away.

Being #1 on Google may be the beginning of the first moment of truth for some consumers.  But, when they click through and discover a sub-par website you could easily lose out in this part of the customer acquisition cycle. If your website is not a WOW! you will most likely not get the call or email inquiry; you will not convert the lead.  The first encounter with your website is often your first opportunity to create an indelible first impression.

Even if you do capture the lead and you succeed at winning the first moment of truth, before they meet you, you can still blow this opportunity in the second moment of truth.  The question is, “can you convince your prospect that you can deliver on your promise of value made on our website, when you actually meet the prospective client on the phone or in person?”  We will cover this further in Part 3 of this article series.



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