Trends are like an idea whose time has come.  When you understand the direction in which they are heading you can anticipate, with reasonable accuracy, the outcome of their unfolding. It doesn’t necessarily take scientific research to accomplish this. It just takes observing the obvious and connecting the dots.  Spotting the trends in marketing luxury real estate can give you a competitive edge if you get in front of and ride the wave. Ignoring trends can be dangerous if market leadership is your quest.

An example of a mega trend was the personal computer.  One company, Microsoft dominated this wave with a distant challenger in Apple. However, the advent of the iPhone and the iPad disrupted what is now called the PC era and opened the door for Google to replace Microsoft as Apple’s primary competitor. 

Google turned the tables on Microsoft’s Windows with the introduction of the Android operating system the software that runs programs for smart phones and tablets. An operating system that could be adapted for multiple computer types and devices would prove to be the beginning of the end of Microsoft’s stranglehold on the personal computer industry.

But, one more key factor that shifted the paradigm and ushered in the post PC era was the capacity to download computer programs via the internet and even remotely access and use software hosted on the software developer’s server, i.e., in the cloud. When Apple introduced the App Store, and opened up the opportunity to the software development community to not only create new programs that could be run on its iOS operating system but also participate in the profits derived from the sale of apps, the software business model changed for good.

Google was quick to jump on Apple’s bandwagon by creating the Android operating system and opening their own app store call Google Marketplace.  But, Microsoft was slower to adapt to the new trend, falling way behind and into the shadows of Apple and Google. 

Additionally, Microsoft’s core product, the business application suite, Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. ), is under siege by both Apple and Google. In Part 2 of this article series we will explore the significance of this and extrapolate a trend that we believe will determine who will be the most dominant player in the post PC era.


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