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Achieving market leadership is one thing.  Sustaining it is another.  Incumbent market leaders in the realm of luxury real estate marketing, this post is for you!

Last year Apple defined an entirely new category of computer- tablets supported by apps- and established itself as the category leader.  No less than 100 new competing tablet brands are expected out this year. How will Apple sustain their leading edge?  Observe and learn from the best in class and you will be able to stay ahead of the pack in your luxury real estate marketplace.

Taking a break from his medical leave, the master communicator of our lifetime, Steve Jobs, made a surprise appearance to introduce the iPad2.  In his inimitable presentation style Jobs demonstrated, yet again, that simplicity in design and in communication is the ultimate sophistication. 

In just a few words, Jobs explained why iPad2 will crush the competition.  It is thinner, lighter, and faster without sacrificing its 10 hour batter life!  And, the price remains the same.  Analysts predict that in 2011 Apple will still have up to 80% market share in tablets.  

New features include two cameras, Face Time (video phone calls) and multiple color covers. They will ship by March 11 and be in 26 Apple- hungry countries two weeks later. With touch screen versions of their popular iMovie and Garage Band programs they have transformed their own creation into a device that is exciting not just for consuming media but also for producing it.  

Incumbent market leaders often get complacent, making it relatively easy for sharply focused challengers to unseat them.  Do not let this be your story. Take a lesson from the incumbent, Apple:  Stay focused and best your own track record!  That is the key to sustaining market leadership.



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