In our previous post we outlined the 10 Keys to Improve the Quality of Your Content on your web pages and in your blog, as a luxury real estate marketing professional.  There is no mistaking quality. Check out this Sapporo beer commercial. If this was played during the Super Bowl it would have been the sure winner.  On You Tube, it has been seen over 2.5 million times.  This is what we mean when we say make your content comment-worthy, follow-worthy and buzz-worthy, triggering word-of-mouth advertising. 

What does this commercial say to you about quality in marketing?With so many beers on the market worldwide to choose from how do you communicate that your brand has superior quality? In the case of Sapporo, they wanted to communicate that their brand represents LEGENDARY QUALITY.

How can you communicate, through quality content, that your brand of service as a luxury real estate marketing professional is worthy of buzz?  How can you get people to go out of their way to promote YOU!


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