Recently Google has been besieged by complaints that they are ranking sites with “canned” content higher than those with meaningful content.  Google has responded by making changes in their algorithms that are aimed at sites with what it calls "low quality" content: just enough information to appear in search results. If your luxury real estate marketing web pages or blog posts fall into this category of low quality, beware! You natural search engine ranking could slip.

Who is really reading your blog: real people or Google robots? Hopefully, your answer is both.  To be a successful blogger your content must be more than just a means to an end of increasing your page ranking.  It must be an end unto itself and offer satisfaction to your readers.  Ultimately, Google’s job is to match inquiring minds with quality content that meets their needs.

Here are 10 ways to improve the quality of your content.

1.       Make your content useful

2.       Make your content pertinent

3.       Make your content informative

4.       Make your content fresh

5.       Make your content uplift

6.       Make your content entertaining

7.       Make your content newsworthy

8.       Make your content comment-worthy

9.       Make your content follow-worthy

10.     Make your content worthy of being shared

Focus in on those items and see how you can improve the quality of your content.  Remember this:  Robots have no sense of humor; they leave no comments and do not share. They do not get uplifted. But, they do know when your content is fresh vs. canned!



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