As a luxury real estate marketing professional you have to identify the luxury brand  personality of your marketplace and make sure it is harmonious with your personality.  If it is a match, then it will be a match made in heaven as those with similar likes will be attracted to you.  Here are three examples of luxury personalities.


The Louis Vuitton store pictured above defines a sophisticated luxury brand personality.  This is reflected in the look of the store, with fine leather furniture, beautifully crafted wood and glass counters and display cases, and top of the line accessories.  The merchandise is traditional and elegant.


All Saints Company is an example of a hip brand luxury personality.  The windows are filled with antique sewing machines emphasizing their quality manufacturing and tradition.  The lighting is industrial reminding one of a factory, and the clothes are chic, edgy and hip.  The clothing tags are handwritten and some of the beaded garments sport an additional “manually embellished.”


Photo by Pietro Cruciatti, Dreamstime


Moschino, an Italian designer is known for the fun brand personality in luxury, as seen in the helmet above.  His tagline is “A Stylish Attitude”.   The motorcycle helmet definitely screams attitude. The clothes are quirky and fun.  The jewelry is one of a kind.  The picture of the brooch below shows three dangling enameled and articulated fish hanging. The inscription on the top of the circle, says in Italian, “If you sleep, you don’t catch." 

What is your luxury brand personality and what is the brand personality of your marketplace?  Is it a match made in heaven?