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In luxury real estate marketing, it is of paramount importance to come up with the right name for your business.  One of the traditional rules of branding has been to keep a name short because they are easy to remember, and easy to spell!  As the new century dawned the rules have been challenged and some of the new the names became descriptive of their mission statement, their marketplace or who they are. 

Some of the pioneers in the longer version name game can be found in the fashion industry.  Here are some of our favorite brand names and the story behind them.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans:  This is a brand of women’s clothing including chic jeans designed to flatter every woman’s figure.

Citizens of Humanity:  This is a Luxury Denim & Apparel for Women & Men.  A portion of proceeds are given charity.

Band of Outsiders:  This is a clothing company for “geek chic”, hence outsiders.

All Saints Spittafield:  This is a manufacturer and retailer of quality garments. Their stores are decorated with assorted antique sewing machines. All Saints donates to “Not For Sale” a worldwide movement to stop human trafficking.

Rag & Bones: Fashion for men and women, the name is a British phrase for junk dealers of old with a pushcart who bought and sold and recycled discarded items.

Is it time for you to play the brand naming game?


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