In Part 3 of this series, we used pottery as a metaphor for the three keys of luxury real estate marketing  for personal branding: Define. Align. Refine!  We recommend Self-definition (Part1) and Personal Alignment (Part 2) as preparation for defining Your Unique Selling Proposition (Part 4). This is akin to wedging or kneading the clay prior to throwing a vase. It insures structural integrity by aligning the molecules and removing troublesome air bubbles.

We continued the pottery metaphor for the personal branding process by introducing the principle of centering which is required throughout the entire process of throwing a vase using a pottery wheel. The successful process of transforming a lump of clay into a vase requires one’s full concentration while keeping the clay centered on the wheel.


Tom Collins trimming

The trimming process, involves cutting away the excess clay of the partially dry vase. Trimming is also done on the wheel. It requires the same mental concentration to keep the vase centered while reducing the thickness of the sides and bottom. It is a balancing process of cutting away the excess without compromising the architecture of vase. 

In personal branding, the goal is to reduce or refine the marketing message of one’s unique selling proposition or the unique promise of value, as we like to refer to it, to just a few words. What emerges from this process is a laser sharp marketing message that sharply differentiates you from your competition. 

The true test of the trimming or refinement process is whether or not you can communicate the essence of your brand, your unique promise of value, in a single image, a symbol and/or a slogan. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory.  In three very refined words their slogan communicates their entire promise of value (personal victory), “Just Do It!” 

In four refined words, The Language of Luxury communicates our own promise of value: “Get Fluent. Get Affluent! “ We hope you enjoyed our series on the three keys of luxury real estate marketing for personal branding.  Define. Align. Refine! Now, that says it all in just three words.


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