Q:  How important is a logo in personal/company branding?

A:  A logo is important as an integral part of your personal/company brand. But, it can be a missed opportunity if it does not convey your extraordinary promise of value.

A great logo is a symbol that encapsulates and succinctly communicates the entire experience of your brand. It conveys what you want your brand to stand for in the minds of your target market and how you are distinct from your competition. 

Think of the ubiquitous Nike “swoosh”.  It has tremendous meaning all rolled into a very simple graphic line that looks like a check mark. If you were to ponder a bit on the swoosh symbol you might summon the Nike slogan to mind, “Just do it!”, and it would have even more meaning to you, especially if you are athletic or enjoy sports.  In Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory.  Knowing this can conjure an even deeper emotional connection with your core values. 

Putting a symbol like a key or an antique door to a home, or an Adirondack chair on a front porch, next to your name because you are a real estate agent can create a logo.  But, it falls short of the potential to communicate who you are in particular and how you are different. 

Sometimes a logo is just one part of the entire brand identity. The Tiffany logo is a very simple font spelling out the company name in Times New Roman, a font that comes standard with all computers.  But, think of the Tiffany blue gift box.  Can you see how much meaning the color and that box has?  The entire brand identity, the logo, color and the images that are associated with the name become the brand identity.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo logo speaks volumes about an affluent lifestyle even for those aspiring to that lifestyle.  Like Nike it can be instantly recognized and it communicates tremendous meaning. 

Ask, yourself another question, “How important is being top-of-mind in your marketplace?”  Then ask yourself, “How important is a logo in personal/company branding?”


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