Competing for the attention of your target market is today’s biggest advertising challenge when marketing luxury real estate. Sparking word-of-mouth advertising or buzz marketing is the ultimate answer. Here is one of the world’s greatest examples of how to create marketing buzz. 

The Italian company of Tod’s luxury leather goods and shoes recently announced that they will pay $34 million dollars to restore the Coliseum in Rome.  As Diego Della Valle (aka Italy’s shoe king) said, “A monument that represents Italy in the world must be restored, and a company that represents “made in Italy” stepped forward to say, “If you need us, we are here.”

Even though no scaffolding bearing the Tod name will be allowed on the restoration project, this marketing coup is a brilliant way of connecting the brand to its Italian heritage with the glory of the Roman Empire.

Tod’s marketing plan includes other Italian cultural and historical symbols.  Recently, Mr. Della Valle commissioned, An Italian Dream, a ballet to interpret the artistry and the craftsmanship that goes into making a pair of Tod’s driving shoes.  The video can be seen at  In addition, the La Scala ballet company performed An Italian Dream in Beijing accompanied by the Beijing orchestra.  Mr. Della Valle also pledged $2 million dollars toward future productions and upkeep of La Scala’s sets.

By restoring Italy’s most well know icon, the Coliseum, Tod’s has created an international news story that is sure to tap into the soul of everyone who loves Italy and trigger word –of-mouth advertising with global reach.   How can you apply this to your local luxury real estate market?