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What does your brand stand for? This is a very important branding question if you are going to build a “brand community” around your luxury real estate marketing practice. Developing a brand community is a way of harnessing the power of word-of-mouth advertising among your most enthusiastic and loyal fans.

Harley-Davidson revived a once dying brand by building a strong brand community. They created activities, meet-ups and the Harley-Davidson Museum as a way to get their customers to “join” their brand. This galvanized a fiercely loyal core group of raving fans who rally around the battle cry of “freedom, individuality, and rebelliousness”, which is what the brand stands for in the minds of consumers worldwide. Licensing the Harley-Davidson logo alone accounts for 5% of their net profit

Apple has brilliantly created “brand hubs” in most major marketplaces with their stores.  When you purchase an Apple product you are joining their brand and becoming a member of a community who share the same values.  Offline, the club house is the store where you can always find like-minded “members”.

In luxury real estate marketing, unlocking the full potential of a brand community means creating a following of fans by adding extraordinary value beyond what is expected from a typical agent or agency.  Today, you must first earn their attention outside the context of listing their home with you or buying a property with your assistance. 

The battle for market share is actually the battle of mind share. Whoever comes to mind first wins!  Therefore, marketing strategy is actually all about achieving top-of-mind status. 

We will be exploring the best practices for building brand communities in luxury real estate marketing.  If you have been successful in building a brand community or know of others who have done so we would appreciate your sharing this with us and the Language of Luxury community.


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