In marketing luxury real estate there are many ways to find a niche in your marketplace that you can dominate. One way is to discover an uncontested segment or aspect of the market where there simply is no competition.  These segments usually are not obvious so it may take a keen eye to identify them.   But, sometimes the best opportunities for niche marketing are right under your nose.

Does it bother you when you see someone who is just mediocre dominating a particular market niche that you are certain could be better served by you?  If so, has it ever occurred to you that those who are being poorly served would welcome you with open arms if you just give them a better alternative and a compelling reason to switch agents?

In this case it may not even be necessary to offer an extraordinary promise of value.  Someone like you who simply practices the fundamentals consistently can immediately stand out as extraordinary. You can often catch the incumbent market leader in a given niche off-guard simply because they have become complacent.

When we started our commercial real estate practice in Beverly Hills we often were able to secure new clients just by practicing the most basis fundaments.  This idea became crystal clear when we heard many clients thank us for showing up on time for appointments, or for promptly answering phone calls, or for following through on the simplest of tasks.  These are attributes that competent agents often take for granted.  

Sometimes the reason that you do not take on the incumbent in a particular market niche is because you undervalue yourself.  Give yourself more credit.  Then look right under your nose.  You may find an opportunity to dominate a market niche that is staring you right in the face!


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