One of the most important principles of successful luxury real estate personal branding is internal alignment, also known as “getting all of your mental ducks in a row”.  Everything must first line up internally, within your own mindset, before you can attract the success that you seek.

The first place to check to see if you are internally aligned is your level of passion about your work or the way you are approaching it. Ask yourself, “What am I most passionate about in life?”  Another important question is this: “Does my luxury real estate marketing practice offer me the opportunity to pursue my passion?” 

Aligning your personal passion with your business goals is tantamount to strapping on a booster rocket that not only propels you faster; it also sustains you during challenging times.  Passion can give you the competitive edge because it gives you stamina. Passion is like a reserve tank of fuel that keeps you going when your competition is ready to quit or gets complacent.

If you find that you are not passionate about your work there is still hope!  This usually means that you have not identified an under-served market niche that you can dominate.  You must find an arena in which you can truly express your passion because you can serve it better than anyone else in your marketplace.  These conditions will get you fired up like nothing else!

You and this niche must be a match made in heaven.  That is the unobvious external alignment that far too many people overlook and therefore do not find passion in their work. When you have your mental ducks in a row and you have tapped into your passion your work life and your personal life is seamless. 

Here is an example of the seamlessness of internal and external alignment: We love to take walks on the beach. On our way to the shore we traverse the local community-protected Carpinteria, California salt marshes where we are able to commune with many species of ducks.  The variety of colors and patterns in nature often inspire us in our art direction when we develop personal and company brands for our clients.  We look forward to the day when we use the iridescent aqua-emerald green colors found in mallard ducks in one of our luxury real estate branding projects.  


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