We now live an in over-communicated world.  Have you noticed that the amount of email in your inbox is burgeoning?  With this in mind, what is your take on real estate email “drip” campaigns that kick in automatically when you capture a lead on your website?  Does this make good sense anymore for marketing luxury real estate?  Have drip campaigns become archaic with the advent of social media? We say, "Put the Drip in Deep Freeze!"

These questions and more came up recently when speaking with a vendor who was touting the virtues of email drip campaigns not only as a way to automatically stay in touch with agent’s registered web visitors (who may eventually buy or sell a home), but also with one’s sphere of influence in general. He said that studies show that you should generate no less than 33 “touches” (in the form of email) per year for each of your contacts. 

With a little practice, it is easy to stay in touch with your contacts via social media three times per month. However, many real estate professionals are using the stupendous new tools of social media to spew information that is completely uninteresting to their target market. This is a tremendous missed opportunity! In a sense, they are using social media as a form of drip campaigns.  These agents’ posts are targeted more for Google’s robots to help them improve their search engine ranking than reaching out to relate to human beings. How does it feel to you to be dripped upon?

The challenge now is to communicate artfully, in a way that is meaningful to your friends and your target market. Take the time to generate original, not canned communication.  This is one very important way to set yourself apart from your competition going forward in 2011 and beyond. 


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