If you choose just one New Year’s resolution in 2011 for your luxury real estate marketing practice, the one that would have the biggest impact on improving your bottom line, what would that be? We would recommend making one single adjustment: Let 2011 be the year of consistency!  Consistency does not require more work.  It requires more focus. 

Anyone who has mastered a skill knows that the secret of mastery is in practicing the fundamentals, the winning formula, repeatedly and consistently. For inspiration  in mastering your own luxury real estate marketing skills, look for evidence of consistency in the most successful businesses you know.  Take the Cheesecake Factory, for example.

The Cheesecake Factory is a nationwide chain of upscale coffee shops.  They offers a very extensive menu that is conducive to casual business meetings and is also perfect for informal family gatherings.  You can dine at any Cheesecake Factory around the country and have the identical experience.  What is most remarkable about the Cheesecake Factory (in addition to very good food) is the consistency they have achieved in hiring upbeat, cheerful, courteous, attentive people to wait tables. They have all been trained to respond to customers’ requests for modifications to their menu with a “no problem” attitude. 

At the Cheesecake Factory you never have to wait longer than 11 minutes to be served after you order.  This is accomplished with brilliant systems and precision teamwork between the kitchen and the wait staff.  It is like an ensemble of musicians who are all playing harmoniously, in key, with esprit de corps. When you leave the restaurant you usually feel uplifted.

Look over the various components of your winning formula. Focus on those things that you have done over the years that have brought you the most business. Then, be diligent about being consistent in executing those actions.  The next time you feel tempted to be inconsistent, just say "Cheese"; think of the Cheesecake Factory.


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