The advantages of niche marketing are numerous.   Concentrating your attention and passionately focusing your unique talents on an uncontested or underserved market niche can yield outstanding results when marketing luxury real estate.  Here is an example of local niche marketing that exemplifies this extremely important marketing principle.

Perhaps there is no other marketplace in the United States, with a higher concentration of  fans that buy locally grown organic produce, than the stretch of towns between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California.  Where else can you find an organic farmers market open on New Years’ Day?  We are indeed fastidious foodies here in Santa Barbara where we have an outdoor farmers market fsix days a week, every week of the year!

Everyone knows that Florida and California are known for their oranges in wintertime.  The Orange Bowl takes place in Florida, the Sunshine State, after all.  But, where can you consistently get locally grown certified organic orange tomatoes in the winter?

Red, yellow and orange organic tomatoes are grown hydroponically by the Beylik Family Farms near Filmore, California which is centrally located within this specialized marketplace. They also produce hydroponically grown organic cucumbers, and seasonally, sweet peppers, eggplant, artichokes, melons and sweet white corn. Beylik Family Farms sell this produce exclusively at the 17 Certified Farmers Markets between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  You will not find their produce in the supermarkets.

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil. In a temperature controlled environment, the plants thrive on the nutrient solution alone. Receiving everything they need, the plants tend to be healthier; they grow faster and are generally more productive. Plus, they can taste even better because the plants grow stress-free.

Is there a demand for organic tomatoes in winter? There certainly is here in our marketplace.  Now, this is niche marketing at its best! Is enjoying locally grown tomatoes in January a luxury?  You bet!

Look for an uncontested or underserved niche in your luxury real estate marketplace.  Find a need that you can passionately fill better than anyone else.  It may require some contrarian thinkng. It may require applying technology in a unique way that others have not thought of yet.  If the niche and the method of serving it was obvious, your competition would be doing it already. Growing orranges in the winter is obvious; growing orange tomatoes is not.


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