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This is Part 3 of our blog series about the New Economy of “Free.  Here is a link to Part 1, and a link to Part 2

The Buzz Caper

This is Part 3 of the series, entitled, The New Economy of “Free“which is causing a major economic shift that will not go away even after we recover from the financial crisis. Buzz marketing involving a win-win scenario between enterprises and local governments is becoming an important trend in today’s marketing.  Here is one of the latest buzz campaigns. 

NBC is producing a new drama series, called The Cape.  In order to promote this show, they have partnered with the New York City department of Parks and Recreation and have dressed the statues of the historic heroes with a cape.  Besides adorning the statues with capes, they have added plaques near each statue that detail the achievements of each hero, while pointing out the similarity of traits that the character in the TV series share in common.

“This sponsorship will benefit the preservation of New York’s collection of public art in the parks while drawing new audiences to them,” said Vickie Karp, Director of Public Information for New York City Parks & Recreation. “The new NBC series is a novel way to remind even the most jaded New Yorker that heroes are all around us.”

From Europe a different twist on marketing buzz has emerged under a “Random Act of Kindness” philosophy.  The English company, Interflora.UK (flower delivery service), monitors Twitter followers and look for those who could use a bright spot in their day.  These individuals are contacted by via a tweet that says, for example, “Sorry to hear you’ve had a horrible journey into work, Hannah! Would you like us to send you some flowers to cheer you up?”  Now, if you lived in England and heard about one of these random acts of kindness, who would come to mind first when you want flowers sent to someone? 

We all know that buzz marketing is the “free-way” to success.  Word-of-mouth advertising is not only free it is better than traditional advertising because people will more readily take the advice of trusted friends.  In case you missed this in Part 2, here again are four low-cost tips to spark your creativity and help you expand your luxury real estate marketing practice. 

Buzz Marketing Tip #1               Buzz Marketing Tip #2

Buzz Marketing Tip #3              Buzz Marketing Tip #4


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